Awards and Prizes

Speaker Awards

Speakers will be rated by both audience members and a panel of judges on their ability to clearly present their research to a general audience.

The presenter with the judges’ highest average score within each session will receive a cash prize of $400.
The presenter with the audience’s highest average score within each session will receive a cash prize of $200.

All presenters are eligible to win BOTH awards within their session.*

*Former Symposium winners are eligible to win all awards IF the presentation material is significantly different from their previous presentations.


Judging Rubric

The speakers will be rated on roughly the following rubric:

BROADER IMPACT — Missing discussion of project contribution to science/society
– Excessive jargon
— Discusses how project is relevant to science/society
– Some jargon not fully explained
— Articulates how project is relevant to science/society
– Jargon is fully explained
— Successfully communicates relevance to science/society
– Minimal jargon
PERSUASIVENESS — Little enthusiasm
– Monotonous
– Relied extensively on notes
– Difficulty hearing or understanding
— Some interest & enthusiasm
– Limited engagement with audience
– Minor difficulty hearing or understanding
— Displayed interest & enthusiasm
– Engaged audience
– Communicates clearly
— Genuinely interested & enthusiastic
– Very engaging
– Communicates ideas fluently/precisely
ORGANIZATION — Incoherent presentation of information
– Ineffective slides
— Somewhat coherent presentation of information
– OK quality of slides
– Logical sequence & information presented is complete
– Slides enhanced presentation
— Completely logical/coherent presentation of information
– Slides greatly enhances presentation


Audience Raffle Prizes

At the end of each session, audience member who turns in a judging rubric with scores for all presenters of that session will be entered into raffles to win two $10 Trader Joe’s gift cards for that session, so tell your friends to come judge the talks!