For this year’s Symposium, there will be 10 presentation sessions, with each session having 7 to 9 presenters. Presentations from the same or closely related fields are grouped into the same sessions to ensure that presenters are scored by an audience with similar knowledge of all research presented in the session.



There will be two winners in each session, one based on the judges’ scores ($400) and one based on the audience’s scores ($200). The judging rubric can be found here.


Presentation Guidelines and Technical Details

– Talks should be no longer than 10 minutes.
– Talks should be aimed at a general audience that is not well-informed in the specific area of research. Complex concepts should be explained in easy-to-understand terminology.

Presentation computers will be provided with Windows operating system. This means that both PowerPoint and PDF file formats will be acceptable. PowerPoint animations will play, but web-based clips and videos might not work properly. If you want to incorporate these extra features into your presentation, please be sure to send us the presentation file by April 18th to test them. Additionally, presentation clickers will be provided to advance the slides.