Meet the Judges

Henry Phan

Henry is currently the VP of Finance at Medialab.AI, a technology company based in Venice. He is formerly Director of Finance and Controller at Nativo, Inc. and Finance Director at Hallmark Labs. Henry also worked at Fox Sports Media Group as a Manager of Finance and PricewaterhouseCoopers in the audit practice. His career has spanned from Media & Entertainment to Technology, where his focus has been on building financial infrastructure and implementing new financial technologies at the companies he works at. He is a licensed CPA and Real Estate Broker in California. Has a BS Accounting from USC and MBA from UCLA. 

Leila Entezam

Leila Entezam has a B.S. in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology, a M.B.A., a M.A. With Distinction in Counseling and Psychology, and maintains a small clinical practice to stay immersed in exercising feelings.  As a business professional, Leila has an extensive background that includes managing complex projects, maintaining CFO- and CEO-level duties, and being a consultant and executive coach to high profile clients that include professional athletes, celebrities, and chief executives.  Leila’s work is focused on Emotional Intelligence, using emotions to increase engagement.  Her passion is “how to get people to feel stuff to get them to do stuff.”  In addition, she serves as a mentor to several top ranked incubators, including Singularity University.  Leila is also a published writer, and frequent public speaker in the space of emotional intelligence, including as it relates to AI and other technology.  

Dr. Harvinder Sahota, M.D., FACC, FSCAI

Inventor of the “Perfusion Balloon Angioplasty”, Dr. Sahota was born in Punjab, India. In addition to the Perfusion Balloon invention, he holds two dozen patents and many others pending inventions namely: “Red Laser Light” for prevention of Restenosis, “Multi-lobe Balloon”, “Fibrin Coated Stent”, and Inventor of Haemostat (to stop bleeding from punctured artery after the procedure). Currently he is holding license to promote a drug-coated stent. He has performed the first coronary Angioplasty in many places around the world including: India, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and United States. Presently, he is Chairman of the Emergency Medicine Commission in Orange County, California and Research Director and Advisory Board member of the Metro Hospital-Heart Institute in New Delhi (India), and Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia). He accomplished his residency requirements in the U.S., Canada, and England and holds license to practice cardiology in U.S. (California and New York) and U.K. Additionally, He has been guest speakers and recipient of many awards, and is a highly demanded invited speaker and lecturer at many institutions of higher learning around the world to the medical students, nurses, physician assistants and community gatherings and medical meetings.

John Rau

John Rau is President/CEO of an Anaheim-based company that specializes in working with inventors and start-up companies who have new product or service ideas and are in need of market research services. He is a market research guy!  Not a marketing guy!  The guy you come to see if you want to know if your idea makes economic sense, that is, you can make money from it!  He is a certified Mentor/Counselor with the US Small Business Administration (SBA)’s SCORE organization, and is involved as a business school mentor and competition judge at both the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton and at the Merage School of Business at UCI. He is a member of the UCI Applied Innovation Expert In Residence Program and a former faculty member of the School of Engineering. Recent judging experience includes: (1) Orange County Science and Engineering Fair on March 21, 2019, (2) Irvine Unified School District 38th Annual Science Fair on February 9, 2019 and (3) the Irvine Valley College 32nd  Annual Astounding Inventions student invention competition on January 26, 2019.