Arlene Doria

Arlene Doria is an engineer and an avid
promoter of preventative health, early diagnosis and decentralized
patient care. Early monitoring saves lives!
Early diagnostics preclude the high costs from treating
advanced stages of diseases. Faster, more accurate, and
lower cost diagnostics will make healthcare more accessible
to everyone! Arlene is motivated to innovate in
diagnostics because of the tragic loss of her mother to
gastric cancer in 2007 which resulted from misdiagnosed
symptoms in 2004. From that experience, Arlene quit
her stable job in 2008 and went back to grad school to
learn, develop, and commercialize next generation diagnostics
in preventative health. Born in Zambia and raised
in Honduras, Arlene also knows the clinical signi cance of
eld deployable healthcare in the developing world. She
is the lead engineer in developing SoundStream applications
in sample preparation and analyte detection. Her
research focuses in the area of microfluidics for use in wellness
and medical applications. Arlene has more than fi ve
years work experience as a senior process analyst in manufacturing
of point-of-care diagnostics for Alere (formerly
Biosite, one the top cardiac diagnostics company for point
of care). She also has extensive experience in web/app development,
web analytics, and statistics. Arlene is close
to conferring a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She has
a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and a B.S. in Biological
Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

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